Android App Apk App Apk Thu, 29 Nov 2018 08:17:12 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How to Lock WhatsApp Chats on GBWhatsApp Fri, 23 Nov 2018 08:14:46 +0000 Gbwhatsapp is an alternate version of WhatsApp where you can make use of additional features. Some of the features you can make use of are hiding blue ticks, last seen and online status. One special feature you get to use is to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device. But the only drawback is that gbwhatsApp is only available to android devices. There are many benefits of gbwhatsapp over normal whatsapp such as the option to change the theme and send more than 10 photos at a time. One very interesting feature you get is the freedom to share files of different format such as pdf and PowerPoint without any size limit.

Today we will be showing the method by which you can lock your chats and conversations and make them secure. In today’s world, many of our official notices and messages are conveyed over WhatsApp chats. This increases the concern for security and confidentiality.Hence you the option to lock all your conversations to save your private chats and sensitive media.

Steps to lock your conversations:

  1. If you have normal WhatsApp, first save your chats by creating a backup from the WhatsApp settings.
  2. Uninstall the original WhatsApp and install GBWhatsApp.
  3. In the new WhatsApp launch screen, you will be asked if you want to restore your data and chats to which you must select yes.
  4. Verify your mobile number on the next screen. Remember to use the mobile number registered with the original WhatsApp.
  5. After following the above steps, you will find the chats restored and later all your media will be restored depending on your internet speed.
  6. Now the following steps must be followed to lock your conversations.
  7. Go to settings in the new WhatsApp.
  8. There navigate to lock screen. Here you will be asked to create a short password. Remember to note down this password somewhere as it will be needed every time.
  9. You must select enable passcode in order to enter the desired 4 digit password.
  10. Once you have set your desired passcode, in the next step you must select the conversations you wish to protect. Now from next time you open the locked conversation, you will need to enter the passcode in order to access the messages.
  11. But be aware that if you lose the password, you will lose all the locked conversations and with multiple failed attempts you will be either locked out or the chats will be formatted.

final Words

So, this is how you can lock your chats in GBWhatsApp easily. If you face any issue during locking your chats, just drop a comment below, we will be happy to help you out.

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Hindi Best Love Shayari for Lovers Thu, 26 Jul 2018 07:10:58 +0000 Below we are showing best hindi love shayari for lovers. You can propose to lover with this shayari.

Muskurate Palko Pe Sanam Chale Aate Hein,
Aap Kya Jaano Kahan Se Hamare Gum Aate Hain,
Aaj Bhi Us Mod Par Khade Hain,
Jaha Kisi Ne Kaha Tha Ke Tahro Hum Abhi Aate Hain.

❤✮ Hindi Love Shayari ✮ ❤

Jaane Us Shakhs Ko Kaisa Ye Hunar Aata Hai,
Raat Hoti Hai To Ankhoo Main Utar Aata Hai,
Main Us Ke Khyaal Se Niklu To Kahan Jaau,
Wo Meri Soch Ke Har Raste Pe Nazar Aata Hai.

❤✮ Shayari on Love in Hindi ✮ ❤

Tera Intezaar Mujhe Har Pal Rehta Hai,
Har Lamha Mujhe Tera Ehsaas Rehta Hai,
Tujh Bin Dhadkane Rukk Si Jaati Hai,
Ki Tu Mere Dil Me Meri Dhadkan Banke Rehta Hai.

❤✮ Shayari in Hindi for Love ✮ ❤

Unka Haal Bhi Kuch Aap Jesa Hi Hoga,
Aapka Haale Dil Unhai Bhi Mehsus Hoga,
Bekarari Ki Aag Me Jo Jal Rahe Hai Aap,
Aap Se Jyada Unhai Is Jalan Ka Ehsaas Hoga!

❤✮ True Love Hindi Shayari ✮ ❤

Kal Uski Yaad Poori Raat Aati Rahi,
Hum Jaage Puri Duniya Soti Rahi,
Aasman Main Bijali Puri Raat hoti rahi,
Bas Ek BAARISH Thi Jo Mere Saath Roti Rahi.

❤✮ Best Hindi Love Shayari ✮ ❤

Tadap Ke Dekho Kisi Ki Chahat Me,
To Samajh Paoge Ke Intezar Kya Hota Hai,
Yuhi Mil Jaye Agar Koi Bina Tadpe,
To Kaise Jan Paoge Ke Pyar Kya Hota Hai.

❤✮ Hindi Love Shayari for Girlfriend ✮ ❤

Nazare Mile To Pyar Ho Jata Hai,
Palke Uthe To Izhaar Ho Jata Hai,
Na Jane Kya Kashish Hai Chahat Me,
Ki Koyi Anjaan Bhi Hamari
Zindagi Ka Haqdaar Ho Jata Hai.

❤✮ Hindi Love Shayari for Boyfriend ✮ ❤

दिल में प्यार का आगाज हुआ करता है,
बातें करने का अंदाज हुआ करता है,
जब तक दिल को ठोकर नहीं लगती,
सबको अपने प्यार पर नाज हुआ करता है!

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Top Shooting Games For Android Wed, 28 Feb 2018 06:13:52 +0000 Cover Fire : Best Shooting Games

Cover Fire, This is one of the best shooting game available in the Google Play Store. It was developed by the Genera Games and its download size is about 337Mb. It has more than 5 millions of download. It leads to brigade of heroes for the fight with Tetracorp corporation . The user can build their frontline strategy in the battles and you have to kill your enemy from all the sides. You can take the weapons for the killing arsenal and can increase the level of soldiers with different shooting skill if you want to accept the challenge you have to try the latest event of Zombies and kill all the undeads and become the hero in the game.The user can take the weapon and can even strike the opponent with the bullets. It can be easily download and installed at free of cost on Google Play Store.

Sniper Fury : Top Shooter

Sniper Fury, in this game you can join the FPS war. You can shoot to kill and save the world from your shooting skills. It has more than 130 missions. It is not simple gun games you have to use your 3D Sniper skills for shooting against the vehicles , soldiers and many more.It has the custom option which allows the user to make this best game even more better. You can even upgrade the battlefield for strike fast and hard at the evil heart. You can add multiplayer. and can build a super strong shooting squad of your own group. It was developed by Gameloft and its size is about 47.82 MB. and it has over 50 million of download . In the latest update of the game ,New Clan chat tool is added to aid the leaders and member.

It is available at free of cost and can be easily download and installed on Google play store.

Sniper 3D Gun Shooter : Free Shooting Game

Sniper 3D, This game is one of the best shooting game available on the android devices. It was developed by Fun Games For Free . It size is around 71.81 MB and it has more than 100 million downloads. This games contains some mature content and in app purchase for real money. You can get a gun yourself and start shooting your enemies in the game.It has the ultra realistic graphics in 3D and amazing animations. This app has more than hundred of mind blowing missions It has easy and intuitive control and it has can be play in both the android devices like smartphones and tablets.If you are fighting game lover, then it will become one of your favourite game. You can play this game anywhere it never requires the order to online for having the fun. It is free to download and install on Google Play store.

Gun Shoot War

Gun Shoot War, This game is amazing and it has elegant first person shoot game. The controls of the games are simple and it has mind blowing frames. You will definitely need the courage for winning against your enemies in the game as you are commander of the game.You have to kill the enemies for completing the task. You can even buy the advance guns and you can get the gold coins for killing the enemies. It was developed by WAWOO Studio and its size is around 20.99 Mb and it has more than 10 millions of download.

This game can be easily download and install at zero cost on Google Play Store.

Congratulations, now you know the Top Shooting Games for android.

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Top 4 free video editor for android. Tue, 20 Feb 2018 11:51:46 +0000                                                                       

Now, there is a trend among generation of making video blog so called Vlogs and posting it to social media website to share among their friends. And all those vlogs consist of a story, based upon their daily basis of habits and plans. So, to make a vlog success hit among friends you need to make a proper video editing out those all clips you captured and want to share it with your follower. As per the concern of the required, there have been many apps developed in the android platform. As editing videos on PC is a heck of a job, because transferring file from mobile to pc and vice versa looks quite irritating sometimes.

So, here in this article we will be discussing about some of the most famous application used for editing video on your android phone. And your kind attention please! Because we will only be discussing those application which are available for free, hence no money will cost from your wallet. So, now editing a video will also become an effortless job because all these android-based applications are having a pretty good user interface to use. We will be discussing top 4 application used in the android platform only.



All in one video editing application with more than 200 million users worldwide provides you experience of editing videos, which are hard to find. It consists of a quite a large range of feature like slideshow of photos, video editing, movie maker and so on. The developer provides you a wide range more than 1000 video effects that you can use to make you video look better than ever. It is quite a handy tool for making video stories for Instagram, Snap chat and Facebook with a professional touch to it. Specially design effects based upon face recognition is an attractive thing to look for. You can merge, cut and split video as well as add songs, images and GIF to you video to present it to different level. Many other features such as adjustment of speed, looping and duplication video is also available in this lovely app. All you need is to download and enjoy feature by yourself.


2.Og YouTube


Next up in the list is KineMaster professional video editing application. Its motive is to provide professional video editing experience to user so that they don’t feel outnumbered among the giants of the paid video editing application. It consists of a huge list of features to look for such as multi-layered structure video editing with respect to the content of video, images, effects, overlays, stickers and texts. One can edit with precision to any segment of video from wherever they want. Option control the view quality by adjusting brightness and contrast is available for the users. Cool feature like instant preview, voice changer and animation make this app even more lovelier. One can record and edit on the real time before giving the video final touch. There are many more features of the application for which you have to use it once for seeing the bigger picture of the device.

3.PowerDirector Video


Another one in the list is PowerDirector ,this application also provides all the mandatories required for video editing on the basis of timelines. Many crazy features of background editing, slow motion, sound editing and voice is also available. Amazing feature of editing back is one to look for like you you seen in the movies with the use of green screen. You can add special effect to your video give your viewer amazing experience. Speed control of the video is also one to look for as sometimes it is record to videos in the slow motion to give a better effect. This application will make you feel like yourself as a direction of n high budget movie. So, trying this application once is an experience you must have once.


This application has also have more than 200 million users worldwide, even  2,000,000 of them gave this application 5 star rating . this lovely application consist of many many handy feature you must look for once,  you would surely like. It consist of many wide list of feature such as face filters, video filters, audio background editing and many more. It works smoothly so it only take 3 minutes of time to generate a video you have edited with no loss of quality of the video as well. It has face recognition feature by which many face filters can be placed, which make you video more entertaining . it contain a wide list of inbuilt sound which are fully licensed to use .you can use these app for once.  

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